Welcome to Number 91... my little sanctuary from the rest of the world..

Monday, 24 May 2010

Everyday I send out thanks that I came to live in my house. Surrounded by trees, its so quiet, warm and lovely today. The squirrels are nicking all the birds' sunflower seeds, the magpies are ganging up to chase the squirrels away, the pigeons waddle round and try to keep out of the way, and somewhere in the shade under a bush our 'monster', Floozey Kitten, is lurking.

She's found herself a new friend.. a beautiful young fox who calls by in the late afternoons.. and Flooze sneaks out from her latest hiding place to join him on the lawn.

Every day I'm a little bit more convinced that I need to do something different and get out of the work/eat/sleep/work rut..meanwhile I'm going to enjoy the peace and animals xxx